Force Response Security has established a security and guarding team with trained and qualified professionals, who have years of experience in the security industry. The deployment of our guards and corporate security team is tailored through individual client contract service delivery plans to meet the requirement, expectations and operating environments they are servicing.

Our Security and Guarding services include:

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– Visitor, contractor and escort management?

– Information and customer services

Concierge services

– Incident reporting, shift reporting, safety and hazard reporting

– Building maintenance and management services

– Building patrols

– Gatehouse security

– CCTV and alarm monitoring and response

– Access control management

– Mailroom and courier services

– Facility services and bookings

– Meeting room set up and management

– Loading dock management

– Regulating visitor parking

– Emergency response management

– Tenant interface

Security Partnership Arrangements

Occasional Engagement

Our team can respond to immediate requests for support and is equipped to handle most scenarios, including time-sensitive and rapid-deployment requirements. Once-off engagements are possible, and we have associated service agreements and rates to match this type of service delivery.

We are able to support short-term project work relating to any of the services described in our capability statement, either delivering specific security outcomes or supporting broader scopes of work.

Long Term Engagement

For compliance-driven activity, especially annual risk reviews or training, we can schedule repetitive activities or programs of work to ensure consistency of support over the long term.

We can support strategic or long-term operational projects. Dedicated resources can be provided to support longer duration, complex or time-intensive project work, including project managers or administrative personnel if required.

Permanent Solution

We can provide services under formal contract conditions via integration of services or deliverables into standard security service contracts or via a stand-alone contract for professional services.

We can embed specialists on permanent or fixed-term contracts into client organisations or contracted security teams to better support a specific outcome or deliverable. This option works best for organisations requiring a dedicated security risk management solution or long-term support.


Hire Security Guards in Melbourne


Our highly skilled team of security personnel are employed to ensure the safety of our clients throughout a wide range of security settings. This includes commercial, retail and industrial uses and special occasions. 


The top priority we place on security guarding services is the security of persons as well as valuable assets and property in all situations. For more than 10 years, our skilled team of security guards has provided security in public commercial and retail markets, providing our security guards with an edge over the competition and the knowledge required to face security challenges.




We are aware that the security guards needed in a Hospitality environment, will be different from those who work in a shopping centre. Each person on our Force Response Security team is chosen based on their honesty, professionalism and knowledge. To provide excellent service, Force Response Security Security uses a range of different electronic as well as GPS devices to assist the security of our operations. They offer service verification and quality assurance throughout our security operations. To ensure the welfare and service verification of our personnel, we utilize the most recent Network system, which tracks the movement of staff at the site. The system is monitored by our operations centre 24×7.

Make sure your business is protected today from thieves, trespassers and even vandalism. A visible security presence on your property could avoid costly damage resulting from criminal activity. Force Response Security security offers mobile security services across Melbourne, Victoria. Security and safety in space for staff as well as clients are crucial. Our team can also be able to assist visitors or staff.



Our Security Guard Services Include:

security guards victoria Hire Security Guards

  • Guards on the move or stationary.
  • Personal security guards to protect VIP guests on special occasions.
  • Mobile response units.
  • Undercover and uniformed operating.
  • Security at the gatehouse, concierge security, and customer service security officers.
  • Loss prevention, both non-covert and covered security personnel for retail establishments.
  • Security officers from the Control Room oversee and manage security cameras.
  • Controlling crowds and event management for large-scale events.
  • Officers from the city who are safe.
  • First aid & fire evacuation personnel.




Professional Security Guards



Force Response Security is committed and committed to offering and maintaining high-quality security services across all sectors. The process of recruiting our security guards is thorough and precise and we continue to provide ongoing training to ensure that our employees are the best in their field.

Thorough Training

Our security guards are well-trained in threat awareness, which allows them to reduce the risk of injury in any circumstance. Contact our security team via email to inquire on our website.