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Our approach to patrol services is built on a boutique model, placing emphasis on attention to detail. Traditional patrol services are heavily dependent on servicing a large number of clients within a certain range.

Our service is designed to build a specific solution on a client-by-client basis. Each vehicle is dedicated to a limited number of sites, and, in certain instances, a vehicle is dedicated to only one client. In addition to this, we also work closely with our Electronic Solutions Team to develop patrol solutions that are more effective than the traditional model. Our response callout service is built on the foundations of this model. Our patrols are readily available to respond effectively due to the minimal allocation of sites per vehicle model and the sound understanding and attention to detail each patrol officer has within their designated route.

We utilise our own fully integrated state-of-the-art alarm response system that automatically tracks and directs our closest available patrol vehicles and staff to alarm activations at the touch of a button, ensuring you receive the most time effective response and transparent service.

Force Response Security provides effective alarm and security response services with the capability to respond to any type of situation that may occur.

Mobile Patrol Security Services

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Our mobile patrol fleet is equipped for the following services:

  • * Opening and closing your property or facility
  • * Full inspections of buildings (internal and external areas)
  • * External inspections, including fence lines and entry/exit points
  • * Staff welfare checks & staff escorts
  • * Machinery and temperature inspections
  • * Reporting damage or graffiti
  • * Reporting suspicious or unusual activity and incidents
  • * Intruder alarm activations
  • * Personnel distress alarms
  • * Fire & smoke alarms
  • * Arming of security systems
  • * Medical alarms