Corporate Concierge Security Services

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Whether you need concierge security for your office building, hotel, or other industry properties, having the right security and safety measures is essential. We provide professionally trained security officers for positions including concierge, doorman, and receptionist security for office buildings to help maintain a safe and secure environment. By being the face of your building, we ensure that all our security personnel are highly trained, presentable and well equipped in handling diverse situations. We monitor guest traffic through your premises and enforce conduct codes when necessary.

At Force Response Security, we know customer service, image, brand, and first impressions are extremely important, and we understand the high level of professionalism needed when representing your establishment. So, you can rest assured that your company is in good hands with us.

Our Corporate Concierge Security Services for Melbourne & across Victoria businesses include:

  • Covid-19 security guards to temperature check staff across retail, corporate and government environments
  • Meeting and greeting your clients whilst upholding a professional image
  • Visitor management and verification of all visitors entering or leaving the premises
  • Front door personal
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Telephone duties
  • Monitoring access to your premises
  • Offering assistance and assurance to visitors
Acquiring our Concierge & Customer Service security services improves your corporate image by creating a visible front-line defence for your building, whilst welcoming and screening all visitors.
concierge and customer security Concierge & Customer Security Services

We provide concierge and customer service personnel services for many businesses across Australia, including:

– Corporate and commercial buildings

– High-rise residential facilities

– High-end retail outlets

– Boutique & prestigious hotels and motels

Having concierge personnel who are also trained in security can provide significant value to a business. Our trained security concierge guards have extensive knowledge of building management systems, front-line security measures, and first-aid emergencies. With a high customer focus behind our concierge service, all our guards acquire communication and advisory techniques, strengthened by ongoing security training and qualifications.

Our concierge security guards can provide an approachable presence to welcome your visitors, while also subtly diffusing any undesirable situations that may threaten the respectable environment of your establishment.

For all your concierge security guard needs, call our team at Force Response Security today.