Loss Prevention Security Melbourne Hire Retail Loss Prevention Security Officer & Management Support



Consistent with our philosophy of being a comprehensive security and risk mitigation provider, we have an established and dedicated team specialising in Loss Prevention and Retail Security services.

Our Loss Prevention division has extensive experience in delivering a magnitude of retail security services, including investigative service, risk mitigation programs, overt and covert loss prevention officers, door greeters, covert operations, static guards, brand protection, control room operations, including CCTV monitoring, reporting, investigations and consultation services.




Increase the effectiveness of your loss prevention initiatives when you combine our covert Loss Prevention Officers with our Customer Service Security Officers (CSSO). Rather than having a disinterested, passive sentry at your point of entry, our CSSOs are proactive, well-groomed, and customer-service-focused professionals specifically trained in predictive profiling, looking for ‘suspicion indicators’ from potential persons of interest entering your premises.

Where you have our CSSOs working in conjunction with our LPOs, you will maximise your return on investment by minimising your shrinkage losses. Optimise the outcomes of your loss prevention program today by enquiring about the benefits of our integrated Loss Prevention opportunities.